1944 Indian Chief

The famous Indian Chief, first made in 1922 until 1953. This 1944 model was born when Indian were only making Chiefs. All other production was stopped for the war effort and all bikes were made with a military style unskirted fenders. This was in the response of the government’s edict that unnecessary material wouldn’t be used purely for styling reasons. Featuring the leaf spring fork and plunger rear suspension with a 1200cc side valve engine, this bike ruled the world. Australian delivered and put into civilian service from new.  Recent full restoration as a strong rider with many upgrades for total reliability. New $8000 4 speed gearbox, 12 volt electrics etc make this the logical choice for the pre-war vintage scene.

Year: 1944

Capacity: 1200cc

Colour: Red

Mileage: 12039

VIN#: CDD1663

Price: $47,000