2016 Suzuki VStrom

The magic of the Suzuki Vstrom 650 is in how it handles and rides. Plenty of power, comfortable and sensible sitting position. Able to be ridden on and off the pavement. Taking off on a long trip across the dessert or open highways you might think you were wishing for the Vstrom 1000 but that’s not really the case. The 650 will cruise all day at speeds that will get you big tickets if an officer happens upon you. The motor is very smooth and powerful. This bike has travelled a mere 5000km. Is a one owner with a top box, panniers and an adjustable windscreen for comfortable touring. Super cheap at $8500

Year: 2016

Capacity: 650cc

Colour: Red

Mileage: 4909

VIN#: JS1C7211200100422

Price: $8,500