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Classic Indian Motorcycle Repair & Restoration Melbourne

Ride the roads in style with a smile thanks to the team at Antique Motorcycles. Since 1988 our collective team of passionate motorcycle enthusiasts and mechanics have completed flawless Indian motorcycle repairs for Melbourne residents who take their motorcycles seriously. Using authentic parts, supplies and components selected for their ability to perform under extreme riding conditions, our skilled mechanics can restore your motorcycle to its former glory.

Motorcycle Engine Rebuilds Melbourne

Make your vintage or modern motorcycle run perfectly thanks to the team at Antique Motorcycles. Our knowledgeable and dedicated mechanics know that motorcycles function with the same complexity as an organic body and need the same care and attention to operate.

Thanks to our detailed motorcycle engine rebuilds, Melbourne motorbike owners can tap into higher engine output and power. To find out more about our expert motorbike mechanics Melbourne locals and motorbike owners across Australia can call us directly on 0418 340 055.