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Custom Motorcycle Builders Melbourne

Enter the fast lane thanks to Antique Motorcycles. Our skilled and passionate mechanics have the know-how and the expertise to transform your motorcycle to suit your tastes or your vision. By altering colours, cosmetic details, or integral components our custom motorcycle builders help Melbourne riders improve the way they ride. Using the best materials and components we can customise café racers, choppers, and bobbers with accuracy and integrity.

Café Racer Builders Melbourne

Reach higher speeds without losing handling by trusting the team at Antique Motorcycles. With our combined decades of training and hands-on experience we have earned a solid reputation as honest and accurate café racer builders Melbourne riders take seriously. Using only the best materials and components able to perform under high-stress and temperature conditions you can be assured your custom-built café racer will blister along the racetrack, leaving your competitors in your wake. To talk to one of our experts for yourself call us on 0418 340 055.