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Indian & Vintage Motorcycles Heatherton

Make the road yours by calling the team at Antique Motorcycles. Since 1988 we have made a name for ourselves thanks to our knowledge, expertise, and comprehensive range of motorbike improvement and maintenance services for both vintage and modern motorcycles of all makes and models.

Specialising in working on Indian and vintage motorcycles, Heatherton riders can come to us to experience a better ride on a classic bike.

Custom Motorcycles Heatherton

Whether you are wanting to cruise, tour, or race you can find the bike you’re looking for at Antique Motorcycles. Our passionate mechanics know that the connection between rider and bike is special, by designing and building custom modern and vintage motorcycles for Heatherton residents we aim to strengthen this connection.

Working with our customers we can create exceptional and polished custom motorbikes that will deliver countless kilometres of enjoyment. To discover more about our motorcycle improvement solutions call us on 0418 340 055.