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Welcome to the home of the Classic Racer Club, Inc.

The Classic Racer Club was founded by a bunch of enthusiastic motorcyclists who saw the need for a club that was simple and easy to belong to and provided an avenue into the red plate scheme. The club members could therefore have their motorcycles or other eligible vehicles (at least 25 years or older) registered to one club. We understand that you have a life outside of your hobby. Unlike other clubs, there is no pressure to attend club functions of any kind or to take office. We have many rides and functions throughout the year, which are great fun. All our members, 300 +, also have the benefit of priority access to Antique Motorcycles’ mechanical workshop, bar/ cafe, museum and retail outlet. New Applicants membership Fee: $125 which includes a $25 Admin Fee. Yearly renewal is on the 2nd of November and is: $100 Apply here  mail icon with transparent background

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